Today, while in the grocery store, I overheard two women arguing over if a past life problem with a man was leading to her current “dry spell” when it came to dating. They were depicting if traumas of the past could impact today. Well, Yes! Trauma of any sort can impact (for both good and bad) how we behave in and respond to our current environments.

Holocaust survivors and their children (even grandchildren) have reported a phenomenon called Memory Cell Imaging. Yes, trauma from their lineage can actually be seen on a grandson’s MRI brain scan! It is very possible. Here’s a link to more reading on this subject:

So, while it may seem a bit silly regarding what the females were arguing over, trauma from your past (no matter what lifetime) molds who you are today. How you respond to acknowledging this data is what counts! Most of us are not prepared to deal with trauma on our own. We self-medicate, we isolate, we turn to unhealthy relationships to distract us from the real issues at hand, and so forth.

Moving forward and understanding your environment and how you respond is the key to healing and preventing your trauma from being passed on to future generations. No, there is no pill to bypass the work, only lessen some of the featured symptoms.

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