Peaks and Valleys

I’m about to crack open a book called Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson.  I don’t know if I’ll like it.  I do know that title spoke

The Peaks and Valleys of Ecuador

The Peaks and Valleys of Ecuador

to me and I very much want to like it.

I’ve just returned from three weeks in Ecuador with my partner.  Even though I took work with me, life for the most part was carefree and filled with lovely shared moments.  On my way back, I began to think of what was waiting for me; the decisions I knew I had to make.  I could feel myself begin to tense up.  By the time we had been home for less than 8 hours, I had a tension headache.

Tough decisions.  The thing about going out on one’s own is we learn often by trial and error.  We have to take risks, and for every risk that turns out well, several do not turn out so well.  Wasn’t it Thomas Edison who said that for every success there are a hundred failures?

Right now, I’m in a valley and I very much want to be on the top of a peak., and right now that peak looks a long way away  Maybe being in Ecuador with the cloud people set me up for this, but I don’t think so.  I knew before I left that I had some hard decisions to make.

So I’ll read this book with the intriguing title, and I’ll let you know about it next time.

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