Most of us think of ourselves as victims of circumstances. We’re cranky because we woke up late since NBC has to air our favorite show past 10pm. We’re upset because “that lady” cut us off in traffic. We’re sad because life isn’t fair. When are we ever kind? Are we kind when someone does something for us and we feel obligated to be kind in return? Or are you naturally kind and naturally positive?

I hate to say it, but we tend to be more reactionary than proactive. We tend to be more negative than positive because we believe ourselves to be victims of our environment – not masters of it! Well, let today be the day you practice being kind. Yes, you have to actually practice it!

Here are a couple of tips to start your weekend off in the right direction. If you’re at work reading this, start now!

1. Hold the door open for everyone… Yes, everyone

2. Buy a random stranger coffee!

3. Find an elderly person you can help and take them to the grocery store or do their shopping for them.

4. Practice smiling and smile at everyone. Don’t frown, don’t look cross. Work on smiling.

5. Invite someone who doesn’t socially “fit in” at work out to dinner or lunch.

The point is to work on going out of your way for the only purpose of helping and benefiting someone else. It is the best way to practice kind meditation and help reduce your stress levels.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT (according to LifeHacker)

“In one interesting study conducted by the Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia, participants were asked to recall spending a small sum of money either on themselves or to help someone in need. Those who donated that sum to charity or as a gift remembered being much happier than when they had spent the money on themselves.

Researchers also found that once people got into the loop of being kind which was followed by a feeling of happiness, then they were more likely to do lots of other acts. It is a win-win situation. Psychologists call this the ‘helper’s high’.”

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