Does life feel a bit unbearable at times? Are you unsure how you end up in the same situations over and over again? Maybe you just have a sinking feeling that a better you is possible. Perhaps you’re feeling a little lost and don’t know where to start because everything seems overwhelming right now. Or maybe you’re simply too anxious to feel like a quality life is possible at this time. I’ve been there and I can help!

My services help you discover who you are at your core and how your reactions to the past are impacting you today- especially if you’re dealing with anxiety and stress related issues. I offer several affordable solutions that can develop a better understanding of where you are now and how to move forward into a more positive and comfortable space.


Online Self-Study

This is a self-guided 8-part series of videos for home study. This comprehensive starter program is designed to look at all aspects of stress and how you can begin to reclaim your life and control your reactions to stress.Maryanne offers a variety of programs. Her most popular is titled ‘Burning the Candle at Both Ends’. The program is a self-guided series made up of 8 videos at less than $38 per video. ‘Burning the Candle at Both Ends’ is the Flagship program for Maryanne’s therapeutic resources and often is used as a jumping off point for those new to the therapy process. Total cost is $297.00

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This program combines BURNING THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS self-study with facilitated one-on-one coaching that supports you every step of the way in learning to live a life that empowers you in every way – physically, mentally, emotionally – getting you back on the path of living a life of meaning and purpose.

The program is perfect for people who wish to go deeper into issues related to stress triggers, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings. You will discover the exact triggers and how to regain a life based on positive energy, not uncertainty. I will guide you through a science-based and holistic approach to reclaim the you in the present.

In this coaching program, you will

  • Learn to recognize stress triggers in your life so that you can begin to avoid tress before it impacts you physically and mentally;
  • Develop techniques that you can use to achieve a sense of calmness and clarity in any situation… even if you consider yourself a “high-strung” person;
  • Begin eliminating stress from your daily life – and start enjoying the calm confidence you desire; and
  • Be able to apply these techniques to others’ stress, making your home or workplace a more productive and happier place.

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INDIVIDUAL Counselling Sessions

One-On-One Counseling. The LA Times and The Huffington Post boast have created articles on how one-on-one virtual counseling is helping to improve mental health services on a global level. Maryanne’s services provide a gratis first session to ensure synergy between client and counselor. Additionally, these virtual services can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and present an option to avoid traffic and help those who are immobile. ($200 initial intake session; $125 thereafter) *Maryanne specializes in chronic stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, trauma recovery and relationship therapy. Her sessions are 50 min long and her online platform is confidential.

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