I felt it was time to address something – sadness.  Many times, people contact me about my online services and they are seeking a cure for sadness. I don’t have the cure. In fact, internal issues have to be worked through – and while sadness can be tamed to not control one’s life, a little bit of sadness can be helpful. Even if we could “cure” sadness, what would we be losing?

Sadness can – to a healthy extent- empower you to change your life. Sadness allows us to look at situations in a different light. And while it may be easier to look at things in a positive manner, when we are forced to see a situation in a different light or through a sad lenz, we tend to understand the situation better and we can learn powerful life lessons this way.

Sadness can also teach us about love. When we suffer through heartbreak, we can pick ourselves up and appreciate tender moments more as we go forward, but the key is to go forward. With love, sadness can either teach us to love more or isolate moving forward – and it is the isolation that makes us bitter  and harms us , not the actual sadness. I once read that “Suffering is a common thread that unites all of humanity. From recognizing this simple truth, a profound feeling of interconnectedness can arise. This sense of interconnection can bring about an unspeakable joy. It can ignite the wish to bring happiness to all others.” I believe this to be true, especially when it comes to love and sadness.

Additionally, sadness helps us to stay centered in the moment. We can plan carefully but doing this means nothing. Life is about change and as we are sad to let things go, we also should knowledgeable that things are changing and we are on to new adventures. And while these adventures may seem foreign, scary and like we are lacking control within our own lives, they also represent growth. We can learn to be sad about the change, but we can learn to be happy that we are progressing at the same time.

Don’t feel like a weekend feeling blue means that you are stuck or that life is always going to be the same. Sadness represents just the opposite. Sadness means something has ended but that you are empowered to understand love, growth, and that you are always changing.

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