I don’t want to start talking religion, to each their own. This said, I read a great piece by ABC a few hours ago and felt compelled to share my thoughts. The piece focused on Pope Francis and his call on humanity today. He wanted people to understand that sadness should never prevail because of the many forms of violence afflicting the world.

There are so many things to feel sad about right now. How is it possible to NOT let sadness rule our lives sometimes? It is the holidays and tight budgets or conflicts with family members could put us in a funk. Maybe you’re facing an illness right now, that’s reason enough to feel sad. The violence and fear in a modern world ruled by terrorism- that causes more sadness and anxiety. It seems that sadness is more prevalent right now and the time of the year makes us more sensitive to it.

So, how do we not be sad? How do we avoid the negative thoughts and anxieties or conflicts that cause sadness? Well, I am running a free webinar on January 6th with 3 Ways to Manage Stress- which often accompanies sadness. You can register here.

Another thing you can do is write grateful lists. Right now, during times of sadness, it is easy to focus on the negative. If you wake up and add writing down two things you are grateful for, the rest of your day- those “things” will stick in your head. It will lessen the hurt and pain and help to become a point of refocus.

To happier times,


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