We have time!

We have time now that we haven’t had for a very long while. For me and many others, the necessities of daily life are reduced to a walk, a weekly grocery run, and working online. That doesn’t fill the day.

What fills the remainder of the day is up to me. It might include cleaning the house, cleaning out an over-burdened closet, fixing something on my household to-do list. It could be watching a movie on my want-to-watch list, or reading one of the many books on my shelf waiting to be read, or gardening, or writing long and thoughtful letters to friends.

The remainder of the day could be filled with all the things I love, that feed my soul, and that I usually put off because I’m too busy. It could be filled with those things, if I choose.

It might be an opportunity to rethink my priorities, about what’s really important. We all know the world is changing because of the Covid-19 pandemic. How might it change for me? And how do I want to meet these changes?

This is our opportunity to address what we never had time for before.

My philosophy for a happy life

Quote of the Week 

In everyone there sleeps a sense of life lived according to love..”
― Philip Larkin


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