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What Are The Differences Between Psychotherapy (Counselling) & Life Coaching?

If you are not sure if you should seek out psychotherapy (sometimes called counselling) or Life Coaching, it may help to know the difference between the two.

How Psychotherapy Works

Counselling and psychotherapy at its core are about listening, seeing and feeling. I listen to your story and you hear it and speak it out loud, sometimes for the first time. In therapy sessions often feelings that have been frozen an exceptionally long time begin to thaw, and I am here to witness and provide support for your healing process, because in order to heal, you must feel. Many clients end up through therapy seeing how their past is impacting their present. It is in those “ah ha” moments that change becomes possible.

Talking with a therapist may help you recognise how your past experiences are contributing to current problems.

From an educational background, psychotherapists are trained in human development, family dynamics, and mental health conditions. In Ontario, Canada to legally provide counselling, a psychotherapist must have a university degree, specific psychotherapy training with a registered institute, a set number of clinical hours and be registered with Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists. Because psychotherapy is about treating mental health issues (stress, anxiety, depression), it may be covered by your insurance company.

How Life Coaching Works

As a Life Coach I am here to help you with specific areas of your life. It could be a professional project, personal goals or an important transition. When I am coaching you, we work together to set you up for success. Part of it is about getting yourself in the right headspace and keeping yourself focused. I help you make a plan and take action, with all the right support structures in place to put you in the best position to succeed.

Life Coaches are trained in helping clients move towards success in life and focus on goals for today and the future.

While there are many certification programs for coaching, there are no governing boards in Canada for Life Coaches. Coaching is rarely covered by health insurance. As your Life Coach, I am not your therapist, I will ask you about your past, but only to see what has or has not worked for you. My job as a Life Coach is to help you to tap into your true potential, to trust your gut, to regain or become confident, as well as offer emotional support and practical tools. Many people who are not comfortable for various reasons seeking out counselling with a therapist, will see a Life Coach instead.

Life Coaching & Psychotherapy Have A Few Things In Common.

  • They are one on one in a private, confidential setting.
  • With both, learning about your history is necessary.
  • Great changes may happen in your life if you really commit to the process of either life coaching or psychotherapy.

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