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Individual Therapy

When people first come to see me they often tell me they feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Many times, my clients have put off reaching out for help for a while because they think their problems aren’t that bad and they really want to work through them on their own. Sometimes, my clients minimize how difficult things are but I can usually sense that there is more going on.

Whatever has brought you here, I want you to know that you have come to the right place. There is no problem too small to come to counselling for, and there is no amount of struggling through things that you should do, before reaching out for support.

Chances are that you’ve been struggling with worrying thoughts, self-doubt, feelings of insecurity and unworthiness for most of your life. This can play out in a variety of ways including feeling stuck in your career and difficulty finding fulfillment in your relationships.

It can be hard to speak up for yourself and believe that you deserve more.

You may be looking for better ways to manage stress and anxiety, and want to learn better decision-making strategies. You are seeking to live life on your own terms, and want to gain more self-confidence, freedom and independence.

When you reach out, we will book your first session together where I will learn more about you and your life experiences. It is important to me that you feel heard and supported. I will listen and ask questions, and together we will explore what’s going on for you.

Throughout the course of our sessions, you will start to connect the dots between some of the hardship you are experiencing now and your past life experiences. Old memories may come to the surface, but more importantly, you will begin having “aha” moments that may help you feel a sense of relief and self-understanding.

As counselling progresses, I will journey with you as we continue to work on the things that brought you to counselling in the first place, and uncover things that you may not have previously been aware of. You can expect to not only see things differently, but you will notice changes in your perspective, your behaviour, and your life.

Throughout our work together, you will stop second guessing yourself, transition from self-doubt to self-trust, and develop a strong inner voice.

You will develop the confidence to assert yourself with clarity, speak so others really hear you, and earn the respect of others. You will develop more realistic expectations, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and be more discerning in your choices. Old patterns of sadness, disappointment, and even anger, will begin to fall away as you understand how to attract the right people.

As you surround yourself with more giving and loving people, you will experience better communication, more equality, and positive regard. Your relationships will be filled with deeper connection, mutual support and comfort, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

By increasing your self-understanding, tapping into your true potential, and developing new skills and confidence, you will be able to create great changes in your life. My goal is for you to leave counselling feeling empowered, fulfilled, and more hopeful about your future. My fee is $175 Canadian, including tax.

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