On Shamanism

Shamanism has many definitions.  A Native American Shaman, in the words of Geronimo Flores (great grandson of Geronimo), has the ability to heal through the movement of energy.

Shamanism itself is a way of being in intimate connection with the spirit world and the natural world around us.  To the native peoples, everything has a spirit and humans are capable of knowing that spirit.  Shamanism is both a personal quest for knowledge and inner power, and takes place within the larger community, benefiting that community and its world.

There are a bewildering array of definitions of Shaman and Shamanism, many of which refer to ancient, rather than modern, shamans.  Barbara Myerhoff, commenting in Joan Halifax’s book “Shamanic Voices” defines the shaman as “the medicine man or woman, the visionary healer who is the central figure in many tribal cultures – the repository of the group’s rituals, myths, and secret lore”.

Shamans  understand the need for balance and harmony within ourselves and with the world around us, and that includes all that make up the universe  – plants, minerals, animals, birds, water, air, earth and fire.

As a person who follows the path of shamanism, and who is also a therapist, I use what I know in my own life and in helping others to reconnect with their true essence and bring balance back into their lives


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