There is a unique sort of agony to entering a party alone.”
― Mackenzi Lee

You’re standing in a public room in a corner. You’re afraid of anyone coming too close to you. You’re also afraid that you look ridiculous just standing there, alone. What are the rest thinking about you?

You’d rather be anywhere but in that space right now.

But, you talked yourself into coming because all your friends have been encouraging you to get out a little, even if it’s a little unsafe.  But you’re not convinced. It isn’t safe, it’s getting less safe because of the long-awaited second wave.

You look at the people around you – all have masks on (good!). But some of those masks look paper-thin, and others look like it takes an effort on the part of the wearer to keep it on and their face covered. Some people are in groups way too close to each other. Some are so animated it’s hard to believe that their mask could be all that effective in protecting everyone else from their germs.

All of this and more is running around your head as you stand very still in your corner of the room. You know you need to get back into the world and be with people, but what if you catch COVID? What are your friends – those who convinced you to get here – hat are the going to think of you then?

It’s overwhelming! And so, once more, you head home as fast as you can rather than continue to be in that state of helplessness.

It didn’t used to be as bad as it is now – you found ways to cope, but since COVID, it’s gotten worse.

It feels like a hopeless situation, but it isn’t hopeless.  There are thing you can do to help you take care of yourself and feel calm in social situations, able to engage in ways that feel supportive and fulfilling.

Mindfulness is one – if you can get your mind calm enough to do it. Preparation is another, if the things you do to prepare to go out support you in feeling calm and in control as well as clear and present.

Therapy is a third option, learning about yourself and how you can shift into better engagements, done in a safe and supportive environment with a professional who isn’t judging you.

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On Overcoming Social Anxiety

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