We are expected to simply be mobile all of the time these days.  We can reply to questions all the time, emails all the time, everything is needed now and everyone wants your attention.  Add this to your daily responsibilities and it is no wonder we are more stressed out than ever and we are more spread thin than ever.

When social commitments start to sound and feel like a chore, you’re spread too thin. Letting go and having fun should be about unwinding, not about an obligation. So, if this is you, you need to take action to reclaim your peace, find your center, and discover how to move forward.

Don’t get caught in the last minute game. Instead,  carve time out for social engagements on your calendar. Yes, you need to plan for them,block out a good amount of time for them, and don’t reschedule them to continue work time. Down time is a good and needed thing. Schedule it.

Is getting dinner prepared a hugely stressful chore? If it is, think about this. Why would dinner be a stressful task? It usually is only stressful because you’re filled with a million other things to do and you can’t manage adding one more task to your day without completely overriding another task. If dinner is going to override another task, you need to start cutting responsibilities and delegating them to someone else.

And if you feel like your memory is failing you, you are spread to thin. Yes, if you’re to the point where you have so many tasks to complete that important tasks have been forgotten, things will go wrong and these things will add more stress to your life.  You need to start writing everything down. Follow this up by scheduling them out with enough time to handle it all. Be realistic about how long it takes you to do something or you will be setting yourself up for failure. When an idea, new appointment, or thought pops in your head that you need to remember for later, write it down. Then revisit your current day, and the notes, along with tomorrow’s scheduled day as your evening ends.

We can avoid stress (in some cases) when it comes to our schedule and spreading ourselves too thin.  We just have to make the time to admit we need to create some adjustments in our lives.


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