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There isn’t a single person on planet Earth that doesn’t have stress. Stress is a normal part of life. However, there are times when stress becomes too much, becomes unhealthy, and requires intervention. But do you know when this time is? Can you tell when job stress goes from normal to unhealthy?

When I speak at seminars for employers and to employees, I use the following three tips to help my audience understand when normal stress turns unhealthy and intervention is needed.

1. Check your blood-pressure. Stress releases chemicals within our body. Short periods of stress may slightly elevate your pulse rate or blood pressure, but when long periods of stress leave you with hypertension, something is wrong!

2. Increase use in booze or use of drugs. Most people try to self-medicate pain and stress without realizing that is what they are doing. If you’ve noticed an increase in booze or that you’ve started using drugs or relying on prescription meds a little too much, you may be experience unhealthy levels of stress.

3. Bad attitude. Are you extra angry these days? Are you snapping at family, friends and other loved ones? If so, you may be experiencing way too much stress and find yourself taking it out on anyone and everyone. has a great article on how stress also impacts your body. You can read it here:,,20642595,00.html

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