The good committee – your own

The good committee

Seth Godin , in his blog Five Contributions, listed the 5 positions that make a well-functioning team: Leader, Manager, Salesperson, Craftsperson, and Contributor. Each of these players have skills and abilities that are unique and that combine to generate success.

The Leader is the pathfinder.  The person who is first to step into the unknown: an ability that is essential for forging any new path. The Manager takes responsibility for determining and managing the work needed to achieve the goals set by the Leader.  The Salesperson “turns a maybe into a yes”, showing others the value of what is being created and generating an interest in participating or purchasing.  The Craftsperson is the creative, using their abilities to actually produce the promised product in a way that attracts. And the Contributor fills in whatever blanks are left to ensure that promises are kept.

That’s an apt description of a well-functioning team.  It’s also an apt description of the autonomous person – one who lives life on their own terms. It doesn’t mean that such a person lives like a hermit, not needing or wanting anyone else in their lives. It simply means that they, on their own, are leader, manager, salesperson, craftsperson, and contributor.  They are the ones who forge new paths, determine their own goals, work out the requirements of achieving those goals, generate whatever is needed, and ultimately makes sure the job gets done – well and on time.

This kind of person isn’t rare. It’s every self-employed person who’s either achieved success or is on their way (whether they know it yet or not). It’s anyone who’s entire focus is directed towards their dream, for as long as they are so directed.

We have the potential to be autonomous. Each of these skills are also character traits that we all have, to some degree or another, and can gain mastery over.

If you’re actively pursuing your own dream, and have hit a blimp – large or small – it might be worth remembering that you have everything you need to either do what’s necessary, or negotiate for the help you need.  Either way, your dreams are real and achievable.


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