There are many times in our lives that we have the right to be angry. Politics, being the victim of someone else’s abuse, being passed over for a raise or a promotion, someone’s child is bullying our child…there are plenty of good reasons to justify our anger. And there is certainly a time and place to be angry. But what happens when that anger defines who you are?

Last week I received an email from a client. She was upset because a friend, whom she has known for a long time, called her to discuss my client’s new boyfriend. During the conversation, my client’s friend said to her “You finally seem happy. All last year your Facebook posts were so angry that it was making me resent being your friend.” WOW! What a wake up call, right!

My client was hurt and upset. She had no idea that she was not only being perceived as an angry person through her social media posts, but how this perception was making friends really not like her during this time-frame. Not only this, but she had no idea that she was even appearing to be angry!

Holding on to anger will alienate you from friends, coworkers, children, family and people on the street. Anger also negatively impacts your health! So, how do you tell if your anger is taking over your life and impacting yourself and others?

Ask yourself these three simple questions?

1. Do I feel like I have to prove myself to the world based on my past?

2. Do I constantly find myself in conflicts with people over small, silly things?

3. Do you find yourself overly upset over other people’s injustices and getting involved with their problems – even if they are small?

Anger can kill you. Anger will alienate you. When we are justifiably angry, we have to deal with productively and then let it go. Want to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss anger and its impact within your life?

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