The power of anger


I’m feeling anger and despair right now – and grief, finding myself tearing up throughout the day. I’ve discovered that a lot of us are feeling this, after seeing the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations by many and riots by a few all over the US.

I won’t say much here, because I strongly suspect that you are feeling the same just now. For my part, I intend to take this anger and grief and use it to propel me even more towards creating the world I want to live in – a world where color and station and sexual preference mean nothing more than an expression of individuality.

I’m white. I don’t know what it’s like to – every day – be treated with suspicion and disrespect. I’ve had a taste of it, and that was plenty. But I can stand for what I know is right and good, and add my voice and whatever power I have to create the world I long for.

What’s been with me through tears and no tears today is Louie Armstrong’s “What a beautiful day”, which I know by heart. While I can’t shake hands to express love and connection, my focus from now on – more than ever – will be to reach out, mend, and heal.



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