The true meaning of feeling alone

Imagine a time when this happened to you or to someone you love:

  • The person you cared about and depended on suddenly wasn’t around, leaving you feeling like there was nobody there for you,
  • You finally broke through a glass ceiling in your career, only to discover a culture you have no real experience in, and where you have no person willing to mentor you,
  • You get accused of some wrong-doing you are innocent of, but no one will believe you,
  • You take a risk and try something new that nobody you know has tried before you.

Four examples we have all either witnessed or experienced. If you’ve experienced something like these, you know how lonely it feels. It’s really hard during such an experience to find some way of remaining calm and balanced inside, of not being driven by fear, confusion, pain or shame.

It’s tempting to turn away from life after a while, giving up, even though you know that doesn’t help in the long run.

It feels lonely whenever we take a chance and stretch. That chance may end up causing pain. But, it may also end up in immense joy. That’s what living your best life is all about.

The true meaning of feeling alone is that you’ve chosen to live.


Quote of the Week

One day I feel happy,
The next day I feel sad;
One day I feel good,
The next day I feel bad.
One day I feel full of energy,
The next day I feel worn out;
One day I feel confident,
The next day I feel full of doubt.
One day I feel carefree,
The next day I feel I care too much;
One day I feel on top of things,
The next day I feel out of touch.
One day I feel brave,
The next day I feel scared;
One day I feel ready,
The next day I feel unprepared.
One day I feel proud,
The next day I feel shame;
But, I should never feel alone,
Because other people feel the same.”

– @allantheboard


Get comfortable with being uncomfortable


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