The Unbroken Spirit

gypsy flamenco artistThis Saturday January 25th I will host my workshop “The Unbroken Spirit” in Toronto. It is a gestalt flamenco workshop for stomping out old beliefs that don’t help us so that we can rediscover our own inner truth.

Why flamenco?  Flamenco is about truth and spirit.  It is said to have developed as a result of the Spanish inquisition, when so many people were cast out and down, including Moors, Jews, Gypsies, and dispossessed Christians.  These diverse peoples escaped to largely uninhabited mountain regions, creating their own community.  Flamenco is thought to come from two Arabic words meaning “Fugitive peasant”, and came to be the song, music and dance of these people.  The songs were at that time often about suffering and death, expressed with passion and conviction.  In doing so, it strengthened the people, and they endured as a result, with their own beliefs in tact.

Flamenco is, as Esmeralda Enriques states it, an expression of contrasts – of strength and personal power and vulnerability.  Everything about it expresses and encourages the expression of our own truth in who we are.  It is, therefore, the perfect vehicle for stomping out old beliefs and rediscovering who we really are.

Guitarist Nuno Ribeiro, passionate lover of flamenco, will be there to accompany us on his guitar as we dance, and Esmeralda Enriques, whose dedication to flamenco is surpassed only by her knowledge of the culture of flamenco and her own dance, will guide us through the final transformation.

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