We all have stress and life issues to deal with. One of the biggest hesitations about therapy is usually the question of “if it is needed” before the time and expense is invested in the services. I tend to believe an outside perspective is always good to have. This said, I have come up with 3 scenarios where I would suggest personal therapy regardless of the circumstances.  If you experience any of the scenarios listed below, please reach out to myself or any other healthcare or mental health professional;

  1.  Stress is above the normal limits. Stress can lead to both a mental and physical breakdown. The anxiety can cause you to fail at work, disregard your family’s needs, and even return to an unhealthy habit (if not start a new one).  I would say any stress that starts to cause a lack of concentration or disrupts your physical health is reason enough to seek therapy.
  2. No one is listening anymore. If friends and family have tuned out or have started to avoid you because of your constant talking about stress, worry and/or life problems, you need a fresh and professional listener. This means the problem has gone on long enough that they can no longer help, outside of listening, and you need a therapist to provide you with some coping skills, maybe even an RX.
  3. Someone has said something to you. Friends or family who suggest therapy to you know you best. It may be a subtle intervention, but if someone else brings up therapy services to you, it may be for a reason. One session to explore if this option is truly a great match for you can’t be of any harm, so why not be open to it?

I offer a range of online and in-person therapy services. If you feel like you are in need of an outside perspective or an influx of coping tips, please reach out to myself or any other healthcare professional.

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