“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”
– Michel de Montaigne

You Do Not Have To Struggle Alone

Is stress and anxiety keeping you up at night? Even if you think your problems are “no big deal”, if your life isn’t how you want it to be, counselling may help.
Seeing a psychotherapist can help you to find the root cause of your fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Once you find the origin, you can fully free yourself to live a more balanced life.

How Does Seeing A Therapist For Counselling Work?

Before we meet face to face or through secured online video, we will have a phone consultation to make sure that we can work together as counsellor and client. Once that is established, we do a 90 minute session where you share with me your goals, challenges, and history. After this initial intake, the following visits will be 50 minutes.
I have different modalities that I may use to help you on your journey, below is a brief summary of my most often used ones.

Gestalt Therapy

The word “Gestalt” is German for “the way something has been put together” or “the whole is better than the sum of its parts”. The aim of Gestalt therapy is to get you to see your whole self, to consider all aspects of your life. We will look at the environmental and social contexts of your life, your personal and family history, and how you cope with your current life situations.

Gestalt Therapy Can Help You To See Things In A New Light

Gestalt Therapy is a creative form of therapy, which can help to give you a fresh perspective on old problems. In our sessions you may be invited to use art, movement, or imagery to help you to express what you cannot at first put into words. In these nonverbal moments often the greatest healing takes place.

Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting is a targeted visual exercise that works to connect your brain and body through location points in your visual field. Through this technique we can locate, focus, process, and release experiences and symptoms that are typically out of reach of the conscious mind.

Brainspotting Therapy Encourages Your Mind To Let Go Of Held Trauma

Brainspotting is a treatment which can have a great physical, and psychological impact. It may be helpful for people with panic attacks, chronic anxiety, physical pain that is resistant to conventional treatment, Fibromyalgia, phobias, and PTSD.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Therapy can help you to separate yourself from negative worries, emotions, and bodily sensations, before they become too much to bear.

Regular Mindfulness Practice Helps You Further Your Emotional Healing

It contributes to emotional health by teaching you to interject positive thoughts into negative moods in order to disarm those negative moods.

In this therapeutic approach, you can learn how to use cognitive methods and mindfulness meditation to stop yourself from spiraling thoughts and worries. Mindfulness Cognitive Based Therapy is a great way to better control your thinking, rather than being controlled by your thoughts.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a wonderful way to truly learn that you are not alone in your suffering. As a therapist I can attest that many of my individual clients share similar problems and struggles, yet many people feel such shame in common challenges. Group therapy can transform that shame into self compassion and healing. I offer anxiety and stress group therapy workshops on an ongoing basis through secured online video therapy and face to face (when social distancing restrictions allow for it). Group sizes range from 8 to 12 people of all genders.

If you would like to join a group, simply email me through the contact page and tell me your day and time availability and I will contact you when a group becomes available.

Other modalities I am trained in are: Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping (EFT), Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Trauma & Attachment Psychotherapy, and Shamanic Healing.

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