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Back in March a phenomenon happened on Twitter. The Four Words on Mondays was started as a funny way to calm one’s self as the work week started. Now, according to The Huffington Post, the hashtag #calmyourselfin4words is more than trending. The paper has said, “from celebrities to yogis, anyone and everyone hopped on board with truly stress-busting and flat-out ridiculous (and hilarious) mantras.”

So, does this work? Well, recent posts have been as follows;

  • The Coffee Is Ready
  • Fall Is Almost Here
  • I Am Really Rich
  • There Is Always Bacon

Yes, they are funny… but they do work. Taking a second to distress with a little humor can help you realize what actually is going on in your environment and take a little perspective on yourself, your emotions, and – most importantly- your responses. So, yes… go ahead. Use four words on Twitter to capture a bit of calming Paradise.

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