Sadness, being tired, having no feelings at all – these are all obvious signs of depression. But, would you know how to spot unusual signs of depression within yourself or someone close to you? I’m listing the top three signs of depression below that aren’t common but should be considered!

#1. Being bored! One of the classic symptoms of depression is loss of interest or enjoyment. Most of us tend to picture that going hand in hand with feelings of sadness and loss. However, this can present to look like plain old boredom. When you start to drop activities until only the simplest and least demanding (watching TV, surfing the Internet, napping) remain, it could be a sign of depression.

#2.  Inability to make simple decisions. If you struggle with making mundane, everyday decisions, such as what to wear to work or what to make for dinner, you might really be depressed! The mental distress and low energy that come with depression can sometimes make these choices seem paralyzing and can send the person into a tailspin of anguish.

#3. Eating! Yes, eating. Unintentional weight loss or gain, particularly substantial weight loss in a fairly brief period of time, can be a sneaky depressive symptom. Decreased or suppressed appetite is a chemical side effect of depression. If you find yourself going from eating three meals plus a snack daily to eating only once or twice a day for no particular reason (or the opposite, bingeing resulting in significant weight gain) it may be depression.

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