What does it really mean to be prepared?

I’m a really busy person. I generally have at least 3 major things on the go at the same time. I love it! I feel energized and a big sense of purpose and accomplishment when I’m able to juggle these balls successfully. For instance, right now, I’m putting together my method for clients to learn and use – a big deal for me that I’ve developed over a number of years; I’m doing major household things in my hew home – like making drapes and covering chairs; I’m learning to be President of an organization I love; and I’m doing all the other things that make my life joyous – serving my clients, being with friends and family, maintaining my health and respecting my body.

I’m doing it all, and loving every second of it. When it goes well.

If you’re like me – being really busy and loving it – then you know how wonderful it feels when everything ticks along as it should. The big question is: how do you feel, and how do you handle it when things don’t go well? Because things will not always go well. Especially if you’re a busy person.

There are a number of practices, habits, processes, that I have in place to help me when chaos threatens. I didn’t always have these supports, and paid the price, in terms of broken relationships, missed opportunities, and loss of physical health. My health suffered because I was anxious most of the time and pushed my body to do what I wanted it to do.

Here are a few of them:

  • Approach anything with the attitude of ‘Plan for the worst and expect the best’. I used to do the opposite – ‘Plan for the best and expect the worst’. Not on purpose, but every time something went really wrong, it was a total surprise because I hadn’t expected it, nor had I prepared for anything to go wrong. Imagine what that does to one’s stress levels!
  • Be reasonable with yourself when you fail at something or make costly mistakes. People like me tend to be harsh self-critics. I definitely was. But what that did was make me feel really bad; it did nothing to encourage me to see how I landed there and do better next time. A mistake is just that – a mistake. And something valuable to learn from.
  • Breathe. Something we all have within our reach at all times – our ability to breathe deeply and slowly to help us re-balance in order to see what we can do and learn.

This is how I come prepared to live the fulfilling life I live.  Without these tools, and many more, being able to be active and productive would not lead me to joy, but only to burnout.


Quote of the Week

Hope for the best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We’re unrehearsed.”
― Mel Brooks


Prepare for the worst. It may save your life



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