We rely upon advice to make decisions. The problem is , we live with the consequences of these decisions- not those who are giving us advice. So, why is it that we feel the need to buy into what the “experts” have to say about our lives when it comes to everything from fashion to professional expansion? Why can’t we rely upon our life’s lessons and our gut instinct?

We hire experts because we don’t trust our instincts, which is a mistake. And because we want to be reassured that what we think is okay or that we made the right choice. We lack confidence in our decisions and need someone to say it is ok. And because we want to be reassured we are normal and we know that we don’t know everything. Getting other opinions before making a choice is healthy, but not trusting ourselves and our instinct isn’t. We have to define the line for ourselves and we have to be ourselves.

Fashion is one area where we suffer and rely upon experts. Why are we still allowing others to tell us not only what to wear but how much money to spend on it? We are trusting “experts” and I can see why. Since when we were little, our parents helped us dress. We trusted, well were built to, authority to help us make good decisions. And while relying upon advice or other people’s feedback is healthy, it shouldn’t be the only reason we do or buy into something. We need to be able to make a decision, understand input and move forward on our own two feet.

Experts are not always experts. Think about this fact, ’nearly 70% of studies presented in the world’s top medical journals are debunked within a few years of being published, or that up to 90% of what your family doctor learned in medical school is now known to be incorrect. These are trained professionals who you literally entrust your life to. Now, ask yourself what other choices and decisions (personal, business and/or fashion) are being trusted to “experts”.

You need to find you. Your voice is important. You can hear and learn from advice, but you should be navigating all of your life choices – from business to relationships and even down to what shoes you should wear.  Have questions? Let’s talk!

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