I help people deal with anxiety and an awareness of their environment on all levels. Recently, I started speaking to professional groups and corporations (yes, I am available to speak at your event) regarding anxiety, conflict challenges, and other stressors related to work productivity and employment.

What I have noticed in my speaking efforts is that many people are having work overload anxiety at their place of employment. Interestingly enough, this has led to a problem of TMI (too much information) within the work place. And, even more stunning, most people do not know that they are sharing too much information at work. When they do, they suddenly realize this and then further stress and anxiety is the result.

To help you stay conscious of your words, and the receiving environment, I’ve created a few notes that you can copy and write onto sticky notes. Place the sticky notes around your area to help you from over-sharing when you get stressed or anxious on the job.

Sticky Notes: (only write down the first three words)


1. Your Heart Matters. Let this sticky note be a gentle reminder that you do matter and your feelings are valid. But you don’t have to react to situations right away. Listen to your hear, but use your head. Calendar some time aside , after you’ve had a moment to stand back from the situation, to address what your really feeling, why, and what actions need to be taken.

2. The Three P’s: Don’t share anything political. Don’t talk about how privileged or not privileged you are in life. Avoid sharing personal information, like how your kids are always in trouble or how you have a crush on someone in accounting.

3. Gossip is Hurtful. Most people believe gossip is harmless. It’s not. In fact, it makes the person engaging in it more riddled with anxiety because they have to face their victim almost daily and keep up appearances with their clique.

4. The Letter ‘S’: Don’t discuss sex. Don’t discuss salary. Don’t discuss seniority. Nothing good can come from these discussions at work. Period. I’ve noticed a lot of people gossip about salary assumptions (most of which are off base) and this causes resentment and stress in the workplace. Avoid engaging in these types of conversations.

5. You’re Here to Work: Productivity is hard enough on a good day. Most work places have raised the level of expectations. In my conferences and workplace conferences, I help employees understand how to distress and remain productive- all of which becomes more complex and taxing when anything outside of your work duties is brought into your work environment.

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