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Your expertise

What are you good at? What have you worked at over and over again just because you liked working at it? If you’ve done this for a long while, then you have a well-earned expertise in that something.

I began sewing my doll’s clothes at 4 because I wanted my doll to have a cowgirl outfit just like mine for the Stampede. Then my father bought me a tiny hand-powered Singer sewing machine, and I made more clothes for both my doll and myself, and then for my relatives. At a pretty young age, I’d gained an expertise in sewing. That expertise has never left me; it’s merely grown and deepened.

Each of us has expertise – in something we find we like to do and that we are willing, unaided, to learn more and more about through personal experience.

Having expertise doesn’t need to relate to anything else you do, at least not directly. I don’t sew for a living. I no longer sew for my family. What I do for a living don’t, in fact, have anything to do with sewing, except in one very important way.

What sewing has given me is personal satisfaction, pleasure and joy, and a sense of accomplishment. And that same satisfaction, pleasure and joy, and a sense of accomplishment is what I seek from everything I do.

What is your area of expertise?

Mastering the skill of trust – from someone with a lot of expertise

Quote of the Week

Experts were once amateurs who kept practicing.

― Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

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