My mission is to help you learn how to live life on your terms. My goal is to make a positive difference in your life. – Maryanne
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  • You have impact!
    You’re feeling  crappy – not so crappy that you have to go to bed, but just off.  You’ve been working all day. You’re tired. You just want to go home and hide in a book.  But, you’ve made plans. You promised to be at your friend’s inauguration – or birthday party, or opening. Then you... Read more about You have impact!
  • Overwhelmed?
    Every once in a while – every time I get wound up with something I really want to get done – at some point, I end up in a place of overwhelm.  At some point, I’ll find myself standing staring at nothing, wanting to drop it all and run away. If you’ve ever felt that... Read more about Overwhelmed?