Out of an abundance of caution for all during this COVID-19 Pandemic, I am conducting psychotherapy and life coaching sessions through secured online video.
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  • The power of anger
      I’m feeling anger and despair right now – and grief, finding myself tearing up throughout the day. I’ve discovered that a lot of us are feeling this, after seeing the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent demonstrations by many and riots by a few all over the US. I won’t say much here,... Read more about The power of anger
  • How love is made … and made again
      It’s been several months, many weeks and days, of living closely with our loved ones.  For some, too closely, which may lead to seemingly baseless arguments, and a powerful desire to be alone. Some couples have, by being aware of this dynamic, found ways to distance themselves, only coming together at dinner time and... Read more about How love is made … and made again