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You are good enough!

There’s a commercial online that lifts my spirits every time I view it. The speaker is Tunde Oyeneyin and it’s titled Yes. I. Can. ”… those words in your head? You’re the only one that can hear them. … Say it! Yes. I. Can. Move! … Yes. I. can. Yes I must! Watch me!”

You are good enough. I can say this never having met you. You are good enough to meet any challenge that is within your power to do in this moment. I’m not suggesting the impossible, or the future possible, but given what you have to offer and to work with right now.

Whenever I find myself feeling a sense of self-doubt… whenever I don’t feel up to a challenge that is within my power to do, I remember what Tunde Oyemeyin said.

Yes. I. Can. Watch me!


Quote of the Week

Am I good enough? Yes I am.”

– Michelle Obama


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