Mirroring – I see you, I see me

I watched 2 friends in conflict: They were missing each other’s message. One of them eventually said to the other “I feel you don’t trust me!” The other felt hurt by that comment and said so, because it was as if their friend was laying the cause of the disagreement at their feet without owning any part of it.

Have you seen this in your life?

We are mirrors for one another. If something disturbs us in the person in front of us, it’s very likely it’s because we see it in ourselves as well.

When I feel compelled to call someone a fool, how am I also being foolish. When I accuse someone of being dishonest, what am I withholding or exaggerating, or not otherwise being honest about? And, when I suggest that my friend does not trust me, perhaps it’s me who doesn’t trust my friend.

When I think of what is happening in the Middle East today, I not only feel the pain and anguish of tragedy, I think of mirrors, and how these two peoples, so close in genes and cultures, are missing seeing the immense value of what the other is reflecting back to them.


Quote of the Week

Meaningful eye contact has the power to transcend time and space to connect us with others and can be one of the most gracious and important ways to demonstrate attention and respect.”

– Susan C Young


Mirror neurons: causing change within others


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