Someone cares

When I was a teenager, if I’d been rejected by a friend, I’d feel that no one in the world cared about me. Or, if someone did care about me, it would still feel as if no one cared, because the person I wanted to care about me didn’t.

I see this played out with teens and young people today, and I believe it’s intensified, possibly due to our recent prolonged isolation due to COVID. People who feel this way know that others care, but the focus of their attention – that one person who rejected them – is the only person who matters. They feel alone and isolated.

If this happens to you, no matter your age, when you feel that no one cares about you, I invite you to try and address that awful feeling of being alone, by connecting to those who you know do care. And if you really are alone, then to reach out to strangers, deliberately doing something that enhances their lives.

When I knew no one in Toronto so many years ago, I’d volunteer at the local food bank. There are ways for you to make a meaningful difference to strangers, who probably feel as you do.

We are social animals. We can’t survive isolated. I invite you, therefore, to find a way to be with others, even if those others are strangers.

Someone always cares, and that someone might be you.


Quote of the Week

From caring comes courage.”

– Lao Tzu 


The language of being human


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