The Healing Pause: Unplugging for Resilience

I spend my days helping others overcome burnout – just want to say that out loud before I relate my recent experience.

I was on a zoom call with a colleague this week. My colleague was obviously depleted and at the same time strung out, reacting to almost everything I said, and also to anything I said to try and correct whatever I’d said before that. Normally, I’d know what to do to deescalate the discussion, but this time I didn’t do very much other than say that I hoped things went better for her that day.

I felt bad that I only had it in me to do only that much, but honestly, it had been a very challenging day. By the time we talked, I had nothing else to give, and not very much compassion or empathy to share.

I knew I needed to rest and re-generate, so I broke for a tea and something calming – I watched a cooking video. Odd how watching someone cook something then eat it can be almost as good as doing it myself! Healthier though.

It worked, and with that brief rest where I let myself unplug for a few minutes, I regained my energy and got back into work.

Unplugging works. All I have to do is recognize that I need it.

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Quote of the Week

Everything will work again if you unplug for a few minutes, including you.”

– Anne Lamott


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