“Whether we know it or not, all of us are responsible for creating the body we live in.” – a quote from Deepak Chopra.

We are free to interpret that quote in any way we like, and here’s my interpretation.

On my birthday, I spend time thinking about what I want to happen over the next 12 months – how I want to grow and be, what I want to accomplish, what moves me spiritually, how I can contribute to my community from my heart. Then I make a list of priorities – no more than 5 – and order them in importance to me, and in terms of their relationship with the other 4.

Lately, on that list, the first 2 are almost always about relationships and health. It may be a function of my age: I have grown to realize and appreciate that nothing else matters much if my close and intimate relationships aren’t happy, and if my body isn’t happy.

That means my interpretation of Deepak Chopra’s quote, for me, is this: I see my body as a sacred vessel, one that allows me to experience life and joy, as long as it’s as healthy as I can make it. This vessel has its limits, which I must learn to honor and respect. As I age, parts won’t work as well as they did when I was younger – as with an old house, each part is more fragile and needs more care. As also with an old house, the beauty of those old and well-cared-for parts bring a lot of joy.

It doesn’t mean, to me, that I must force my body to look a certain way, or be able to do certain things, no matter the cost. I don’t perceive my body as a machine separate from me that requires nothing but the right kind and amount of oil and rust-proofing. I see my body as an integral part of me, essential to my happiness and well-being, and in need of care and the proper regard.

How do you see your body?

Why is it so hard to make healthy decisions?

Quote of the Week 

“The road to health is paved with good intestines!.”
– Sherry A. Rogers


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